Grilled Mustard Broccoli

We think long and hard most every day on how to prepare our garden bounty to our guests. We always try to make our food interesting, and good. We fell in love with this recipe which pairs well with steak or  chicken dishes. We hope you will love it as much as our past glamping [...]

Saffron-Rosewater Brittle-knock your socks off good

I know, I know, it sounds strange but showing up to the cookie exchange with something  a little different never hurt anyone. People will ask you for this recipe once they have experienced the interesting flavor pairings. Based off an Iranian candy known as Sohan which is well known for being shared during Persian New [...]

Rose Water-for cooking

An interesting use for an age old flower. Rose water can be used for many circumstances but one we like best is for cooking. It will take your guests by  sweet surprise, with a fresh twist on a historic ingredient. Rose water ingredients: Rose petals-lightly rinsed for any lingering residue Distilled water Directions: Measure 1/4 [...]

Ginger Shandies-an after mowing must

Mint always grows out of our ears here on the Hill. Every time we turn around, more mint....... What do we do with those mint leaves, you ask? Why, Ginger Shandies is what we would reply. This drink is hands down one of our favorites after mowing our Hill. It is also good sipping, playing [...]

Rose’ Bourbon and Blue-

It sounds like a country song, I know,  but it's not. It is a fantastic glamping drink to enjoy around the fire. We introduced this to a couple that was staying from Australia, and they just loved it so we thought we would share it with you.  We have tons of blueberries so we were [...]

Grilled Okra with Sriracha Dipping Sauce

We are always trying to find new ways to serve up veggies that we have an abundance of during the summer months. Usually when you say the word "okra" people tend to think pickled or fried. We wanted to get outside that box (not that we don't LOVE pickled okra because we do) so we [...]

Homemade Pasta

I know, I know, it sounds daunting doesn't it!? I promise, it's not. A little time consuming maybe, but easy peasy for sure. There is nothing better than fresh homemade pasta. Period. So let's get to it- Ingredients: 1 cup semolina flour 2 large eggs beaten to blend 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 teaspoon salt [...]

Our “go to” curry favorite-Butter Chicken

Sometimes we get a hankering for good old fashioned comfort food. Our take on "comfort food" is a rich curry dish called butter chicken and it is to die for. Don't let "curry" scare you away. It is easy to make and delicious. This is a GREAT dinner party dish if you are hosting. People [...]

Cheddar Tomato Breakfast Frittata

Starting in late June, we always have a TON of cherry tomatoes on the Hill. We also have quite a few scallions too- A great recipe to utilize these ingredients that we have found is the Cheddar Tomato Frittata. Since we served breakfast to our glampers, we like to try new recipes and this one [...]

Ordering Dinner-On The Hill

Make sure to order your dinner BEFORE you get here! We only prepare for what we have reserved. We make great food, and we definitely think you should order our farm to table dinners-just up to you....taste a part of our land-it will be the best camping meal you have ever met~what more can you [...]

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