It is very generally agreed that beans should NOT be planted in Virgo, the old-timers say, or you’ll get large plants and plenty of bloom, but mighty few
beans and poor quality at that. An old woman fingering some very inferior beans at a crossroads store remarked : “They must have been planted when the maid held the posies” in Virgo, that is.

Bunch beans should be started on Good Friday regardless, according to some very successful bean growers.

All beans should be planted in the morning rather than in the afternoon, and there is a widely accepted theory that beans planted in May never amount to much. Some old hillmen contend that one should never plant beans until after the first whippoorw ill’s cry is heard, no matter what the weather conditions are, or what the signs indicate.

The farmer who burns the hulls of his seed beans or peas will get no crop anyhow, no matter what happens.

From: Ozark Superstitions
© 1923