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Persimmon Seed Forecast

According to old-timer's folklore, when you cut a persimmon seed in half and look at the shape inside, a spoon shape indicates above average snowfall, a knife shape signals colder than normal temperatures and a fork shape means warmer than average temperatures. The name Diospyros literally translates to "Fruit of the Gods" and is an apt description [...]

Rain on June 1st

Many people feel that rain on June 1 is bad for the grape crop, both wild and cultivated.  Otto Ernest Rayburn, of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, told me of the belief that if it rains on June 20, the grapes will fall right off the vines.

Rain On May 23rd

The Old Timers Say... Up around Marshfield, Missouri, many farmers say that if it rains on May 23, there'll be no blackberries that summer. Near Rogers, Arkansas, I met a family of berrypickers who believe that even a few drops of rain on June 2 will ruin the prospect for berries, while other hillfolk claim [...]

Steal A Pig!

Did you know, some people believe that to steal a very young pig will bring them luck.   We read about a man who caught a boy in the act of stealing one of his little pigs.   He let the boy get away with it and made no complaint which was not in character at all. [...]


It is very generally agreed that beans should NOT be planted in Virgo, the old-timers say, or you'll get large plants and plenty of bloom, but mighty few beans and poor quality at that. An old woman fingering some very inferior beans at a crossroads store remarked : "They must have been planted when the [...]


Mr. C. C. Keller, farm agent in Greene County, Missouri, stirred up a great controversy once by advising farmers to plant their potatoes on March 17 every year, with no regard to the signs of the zodiac or the changes of the moon. One of my neighbors in McDonald county, Missouri, was so horrified at [...]


The old-timers long ago discovered, or at least believed, that chickens which roost in cedar trees are healthy and free from mites and other parasites, so that many farmers periodically cut cedar boughs and put them in their hencoops. A few years ago, when bananas became common in the rural stores, people somehow got the [...]

Azaleas and Flowering Shrubs

This may not be fact... but this is what the "Old Timers" Say, About three foot out and all around the bush pour a mix of apple juice (1/2 quart) with about a gallon of water with a 1/4 cup of Epson salt. It will make your bush bloom heaver and brighter.


This may not be fact... but this is what the "Old Timers" Say, Gardenias love vinegar. So pour your pickle juice or some vinegar onto the plants root base and they will flower even more.


This may not be fact... but this is what the "Old Timers" Say, If you don't want to buy a bag of garden sulfur and you only have two or three plants that require sulfur then use Three Torches Matches. They come in a box and have red tips. Just push the matchsticks headfirst down [...]

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