According to old-timer’s folklore, when you cut a persimmon seed in half and look at the shape inside, a spoon shape indicates above average snowfall, a knife shape signals colder than normal temperatures and a fork shape means warmer than average temperatures.

The name Diospyros literally translates to “Fruit of the Gods” and is an apt description for the wonderful persimmon.  Persimmons are one of the most widely planted fruits in the world (the majority of the acreage is in Asia) and are a member of the Ebony family (known for their hard wood: persimmon was used for golf club heads).  The American persimmon is native to the east and grows wild from Florida to the Northeast U.S. and has a small fruit with an excellent, nutty sweet flavor.  However, if it is eaten unripe, it has alum in the flesh and is very astringent (makes your mouth feel like cotton).